Rak DeLarren

Stalwart and adventurous


Human Fighter 4

Abilities Str 18, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 10

AC 19 (Chain Mail, Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield, Dex)

hp 35

Initiative +1

BAB/Grapple +3/+6

Attack +10 masterwork longsword (1d8+6) or +5 shortbow (1d6)

Full Attack +8 masterwork longsword (1d8+6) and +8 Heavy Shield (1d4+2) or +5 shortbow (1d6)

Saves Fort +7, Ref +2, Will +1

Skills Climb +4, Jump +4, Listen +3, Ride +3, Search +3

Feats Heavy Shield Specialization, Improved Shield Bash, Agile Shield Fighter, Weapon Focus (long sword), Shield Ward, Weapon Specialization (long sword)

Languages Common, Illuskan, Dwarven

Notable Equipment Standard Adventurer’s Kit, 3 Sunrods, 713 gp


Rak’s father Geoff rose through the ranks of the Everlund militia, dreaming of a more adventurous life but never quite managing to try it. Once he met Lilliandra, a tailor’s daughter, he never would, though he knew it not. He filled his children, Rak and a daughter Marissa, with tales he had heard and his dreams. Marissa was able to resist the lure, but Rak was not. He trained hard with the militia as a teen, but it was soon obvious that he would be better than your average militiaman. He finished his tutelage under the dwarven blademaster Arduhr Targen. Rak met Gwen Corliss and Sharwyn Hucrele on one of their trips to Rugher’s House (an all-in-one tavern/inn/gambling hell) for relaxation after classes at the Everlund College of Wizardry. They became friends, with Gwen and Rak already figuring on doing some adventuring together. Several weeks after Gwen’s and Sharwyn’s graduations, Rak and Gwen were still trying to decide where to start.

Rak believes Lady Alustriel’s grand idea of forming the Silver Marches noble. He knows there are more than a few threats to the nascent nation and thinks that by clearing out some known havens for orcs, dragons and liches he can in some small way help to make the place safer. That he could become quite wealthy and one of the greatest warriors ever to live doesn’t cross his mind. Much.

Rak DeLarren

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