Clayborne Kyndrwyn

No magic is safe from this thief.

  • Class: Spellthief Lvl 4


Str 14 +2
Dex 18 +4
Con 13 +1
Int 16 +3
Wis 12 +1
Cha 17 +3


Initiative 4
H.P. 25
Speed 30 ft.
Sex Male
Age 18
Height 5’8"
Weight 140 lbs.
Deity None
Alignment Chaotic Good
Languages Common Elven Draconic Orc

Armor Class

A.C. 17
Touch 14
Flat-Footed 13

Base Attack Bonus & Grapple

Grapple 5

Saving Throws

Fort 2
Ref 5
Will 5

Weapons, Attack Bonuses, And Damage

Crossbow +8 1D8
Dagger 7 Melee:5 2 Weapon:+8 Thrown 1D4+2


Backpack Belt Pouch Flint and Steel Rope Sunrods Rations Waterskin Spell Componet Pouch Thieves Tools Tanglefoot Bag

Magical Gear

Ever-Burning Torch Mysterious Crossbow Bolt Wand Of Druid Spell


Anti-Poison (2) Anti-Toxin (2) Cat’s Grace (1) Cure Light Wounds (4)

Skills(Points/Ranks + Ability Modifier

Appraise 4
Balance 7
Bluff 4
Concentration 5
Decipher Script 8
Disable Device 10
Escape Artist 5
Gather Information 4
Hide 10
Jump 4
Knowledge (Arcana) 10
Knowledge (Religion) 8
Listen 3
Move Silently 9
Open Lock 10
Search 8
Spellcraft 10
Spot 2
Tumble 11
Use Magic Device 12


Education (Knowledge Arcana and Religion) Two-Weapon Fighting Point Blank Shot Weapon Finesse

Class Features

Sneak attack 1d6 Steal Spell Lvl 0, 1, 2 Trapfinding Detect Magic Spellgrace +1 Steal Spell Effect Steal Energy Resistance 10


  • 1-Level Known: 1-Level Cast: 1
    |Shield|Distract Assailant|

Clayborne Kydrwyn had a normal life. His parents were loving and kind.  His father being a Candlemaker and his mother being an excellent caregiver.  Clay (for short) showed an early aptitude and interest to arcane magic.  So, it was an easy fit for him enrolling in Everlund College of Wizardry with longtime friend Gwen Corliss.  It was here that Clay showed his rather rebellious side.  While in the college, he often tried to swoon (and sometimes succeeded) other students (females) into doing his research and recopying his notes.  Clay thought that he would rather not do the work required and kind of do the minimum to get by.  His teachers, who often caught him being lazy, took him to one of the higherups at the college.  He was given one more chance.  Mainly because they saw in him great magical potential.  Then one day, Clay never changed but just got better hiding his wrong-doings, he stole one of his professors magic books.  In hopes to summon a permanent unseen servant to do the bulk of his research work.  Instead, Clay misspoke several key words and phrases in the magical incantation and opened a portal to an otherworldly demonic world.  Alarm set in and chaos ensued.  Clay hid behind a bookshelf while a brillant and deadly magical fight started between these demons and the more experienced wizards at the school.  Clay was found within seconds.  He was brought to the council of the school and he was then quickly expelled from the school.  Expulsion being declared he was a threat to himself, wizards, and the school.  Clay didn't mind too much afterwards.  He had not the patience for such studious work. 

Clay then was approached by a small group of sorcerers.  They had heard of the incident at the school.  They also were impressed that Clay being so inexperienced but was able to cast such a high level spell.  After some time with Clay, they determined that the arcane magic flowed through his blood as did them.  Clay then accepted their proposal of their tutledge.  It worked out well for Clay for he wanted to quickly start adventuring and this way he didn't have to wase time studying and doing all the mundane work of being a wizard.  His parents also were glad that Clay would aspire to something of his interests.  And hopefully making up somehow of the embaassment at the college (Which most people knew about).  Clay then worked with the sorcerers for about 2 weeks.  Eventually, Clay thought that this also was way too much work.  The 12 hour days of trying to harness his inborn power was just as boring as studying.  Soon, Clay was skipping his sessions and was caught several times stealing food, money, and small trickets around town.  after his fourth time being locked up in detention, the sorcerers decided it would be best to stop his training and deem him unworthy of being a sorcerer.  His parents, who had to keep spending gold to have him released from detention were very dissappointed.  Clay thought he being the victim, stated that he would find his place somewhere.  His parents then had him put to work at a local farm.  This as well, Clay hated immensely.

While working at the farm during the day and running the streets at night, Clay was living the good life.  He did minimal work.  Conning other workers into doing his part on the farm.  And at night living the fast life with wine, women and the occasional score of expensive items.  Then a mysterious stranger came into Clay's life.  Setting him up to be caught stealing yet again, he approached Clay in the detention hall.  The stranger introduced himself as Sarious Mentran.  An accomplished spellthief.  Clay being unfamilar with the vocation listened to what Sarious had to offer.  First, none would know about his current botched caper. and secondly he would personnally train him as his pupil.  He explained that he had heard of this young man and the kind of things he was doing.  Which would fit this class perfectly.  Clay agreed and was released.  Training with Sarious, Clay learned that he could alter his inbron magic talent and instead of turing that power into magic he instead used it to steal another magic-users power instead.  This worked out perfectly for Clay.  Training was quick and didn't take hours upon hours per day.  It also worked well with his affinity of the occasional pick pocket.  Clay finally found what he wanted to do and it had to with magic (which he always liked).  After a couple of months of training, Sarious told Clay that he had to leave and he knew enough to start out on his own.  And his abilities would eventually mature on thier own.  Clay told his parents, they sighed with relief that maybe he would finally stay out of trouble.  Clay wanted to adventure almost immediately. He then hooked up with long-time friend and recent graduate of Everlund College of Wizardry Gewn Corliss and Rak Delarren.  And now the adventure begins…

Clayborne Kyndrwyn

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