An annex of the University of Silverymoon, the Everlund College of Wizardry opened a few years ago. Some of the faculty from Silverymoon sought to teach others who maybe could not get to the Gem of the North. Everlund, ever an ally, and close geographically, seemed a good place for a first annex.

Though the official head of the College is Vaeril Rhuidhen, Everlund’s current High Sorcerer, he is usually too busy with his duties on the Council of Elders to lend more than his name to the post. The school is run by a female half-elf named Belan Forester. The grounds of the college are still small, and they are situated on the south bank of the river near the Downriver Gate. There have been only a few graduating classes so far, but the class which is set to graduate in 1373 DR will be the biggest yet.

Students, graduates, and faculty can access the research libraries for free, but there is a small fee to use the laboratories for creating magic items and the raw materials must still be bought.

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