Trouble in the Silver Marches

Dragonpriest's Tomb

An abomination locked away

After Gwen made her scrolls, the group decided they could use a healer along with them. Heading to the Temple of Lathander, they asked the priest there if he had anyone he could spare to help them on their quest to find what happened to Mistress Hucrele’s children. The priest quoted a donation amount necessary to procure the services of an underpriest and sent Dearborn Bickell to travel with the party.

This annoyed Clay to no end. Dearborn was his cousin, and the two did not see eye to eye on most issues, Clay being more free-spirited and Dearborn being more grounded. However, Dearborn being the only priest available from the Temple of Lathander, Clay figured he could work with his cousin on a limited basis.

My players came up with the whole Clay’s cousin bit on their own, and I went with it so they could have fun and I could again try to stretch my abilities. Since Dearborn was hired solely to heal, it is like the PC’s are carrying around a few Cure Wounds potions. When they get to be a little higher level, Dearborn will probably go his own way and my PC’s will have to find some other way of staying alive.

Going back into the Citadel, the group, now with the key retrieved from Yusdrayl, was able to get into the locked door. The room just on the other side of the locked door was large and full of dust, obviously not having been disturbed in a very long time. There were several alcoves on one side of the room and one on the other. When Gwen approached the single alcove, a fist-sized sphere of glass began playing a mournful and brooding tune that sent her scurrying in unreasoning panic back to the entrance of the Citadel. When they realized it was the globe causing it, Rak smashed it with his sword, ending the song.

Exiting the large chamber through the only other door, the party found itself in a short narrow corridor. As Clay got near the door at the far end, there was a sudden click and an arrow went whizzing past his ear. A quick search and he found the pressure plate and disabled it so they could go on.

They entered another dusty room with stale air in it. At one end was asculpture of a dragon carved from white marble with red veins. When Gwen approached the statue, the stone jaws moved and it spoke a riddle. When Gwen gave the correct answer, a heretofore unfound secret door swung open silently.

In the next room were alcoves with all but one holding statues of humanoids. There was an arch leading into the next room, where a green glow could be seen emanating. In front of the arch was a large, dark pit. Searching the room revealed a tiny secret room behind the empty alcove, and Clay was able to locate a small secret crawlspace running away from it. Gwen noticed an inscription on the wall reading, “A dragonpriest entombed alive for transgressions against the Law still retains the honor of his position.” Knowing something was coming, the party moved even more cautiously.

The small crawlway opened into a much larger and well-appointed room. The green light was coming from a torch in a corner wall sconce. The center of the floor was dominated by a large sarcophagus carved in a dragon motif. A look around showed that the only thing of interest was the sarcophagus. Certain nothing could be alive in there after centuries, they had Rak snap off the rusted latches and then slide the lid off.

While it landed with a loud thud, a flash of green light came from inside the coffin and suddenly, gaunt, rubbery-skinned monstrosity slashed out with a claw at Clay. Dressed in tattered finery and wearing several pieces of jewelry, it climbed from the sarcophagus, angry with those who had disturbed it. Rak’s mightiest blows barely slowed the thing, and Clay’s careful slices were shrugged off. Gwen fired a fire bolt at it and for the first time it appeared hurt and even more angry. The group quickly realized that fire would bring it down. Rak and Clay held it back while Gwen aimed her newest spell learned at it—scorching ray. Just to be sure, they hacked the burned body to pieces, even as it was turning to ash.

Looting the thing’s coffin turned up some scrolls for Dearborn to use and a lot of loose coins. They were able to salvage a ring and a silver bracelet adorned with a dragon design from the body.


Oh, come on—Dearborn has the taste for the adventuring life! You know he does! Much better than sitting back at the church praying all the time.

Dragonpriest's Tomb

Adventuring, yes. Adventuring with Clay, not so much.

Dragonpriest's Tomb

Oh right, Dearborn idolized Clay since they were kids.

Dragonpriest's Tomb

Wrong. You may have made the character Clay’s cousin, but I get to run him since he is an NPC.

Dragonpriest's Tomb

Yabbut Clay has such a big ego, he thinks Dearborn idolized him.

Dragonpriest's Tomb

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