Trouble in the Silver Marches

Second Floor

What is going on in the basement?

Loaded down with gems, jewelry and other equipment, our heroes stumbled themselves awkwardly back to town, almost dragging their loot.

When they made back to Everlund, Gwen went to check in with her family, Rak went to Rugher’s to impress the wenches, and Clay went to sell off some of their items.

Tutlern at his jewelry store gave Clay some good deals on several groups of gems and a few pieces of jewelry. Clay attempted to haggle some more out of the old jeweler, but Tutlern has been around awhile and knows what his products will sell for.

Borin’s Arms and Armor, however, drove very hard deals with the somewhat flighty Clay. They were extremely fair, with Borin giving not one copper more than any of hte items were worth.

Once the money was split, Gwen went to her alma mater, the Everlund College of Wizardry to scribe a few scrolls to expand her capabilities when there is trouble. Rak visited Borin’s to pick out a finer suit of armor for himself. This time, Clay decided to impress the wenches, or get a bath, or eat a hot meal. Or all three.

Gwen, unwilling to face Mistress Hucrele to tell her that her son did not make it, visited Waukeen’s Temple in Everlund. Though astounded at the rich tapestries and vibrant paintings that covered the walls, she was able to get across the point that one of their major patrons had lost a son and would someone be able to tell her and give her Talgen’s ring? They assured her they would take care of it for a small tariff.

The next day, rested and recovered, the party went back down into the Sunless Citadel to see what was on the bottom floor, and maybe find out what that plant creature was. They also needed to find out for sure what happened to Gwen’s classmate, Sharwyn. The ancient fortress was eerily silent on the top floor now that the creatures inhabiting it had been driven out. They made their way back to the goblin chief’s chamber and the big hole in the center of the floor overgrown with roots and vines.

Dropping a rope down, they sent Rak down first and Dearborn brought up the rear. As they paused to peer around the gloom, four figures moved at them menacingly. Gwen through and enlarge person on Rak, who managed in his new form to drop one of the two skeletons. Two more plant creatures moved towards Clay, who struck out with his blades, drawing sap.

Then Clay, in an astounding display of bad tactics, stole the enlarge effect from Rak, who continued sending the other skeleton back to its death, all the while shaking his head. Clay dropped one of the twisted saplings and Rak finished off the other one. Just as they were going to poke around the room some, footsteps sounded from another hallway coming towards the room.

Clay lumbered over to place himself in the opening of the hallway into the chamber and Rak moved next to him. Gwen and Dearborn stayed near the rope. A powerfully built bugbear strode into view trailing his two “hounds”, a pair of dire rats. The bugbear, alerted by the commotion of the other fight, was prepared and proceeded to lay down some smack on the enlarged Clay. Rak downed the two rats in the meantime and turned to the bugbear as Clay moved back to sheepishly ask his cousin for some much needed healing. A firebolt from Gwen finally finished off the bugbear, and our group paused to catch their breaths.


Whats this bad tactics….At the time it sounded like a good idea. Plus it was fun

Second Floor

It was fun. But it was also bad tactics because Clay’s AC could not take the 2 point hit against a harder hitting foe than some kobolds and goblins and Rak’s could, not to mention the hit points.

Second Floor

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