Trouble in the Silver Marches


Someone call an exterminator -- wait, that's us!

After leaving the final resting place of a disgraced priest of a dragon cult that was active centuries ago, the group decided to head to some other hallways and rooms they had skipped over before.

Up the hall past the fountain and the room containing the skeletons, they found a stretch of hallway that had several doors leading off each side. They checked the first one and found them to be like monk cells. As they were heading to the second one, out of a couple of them further on came three dire rats to harry and press the adventurers. Rak and Clay did a good job of turning them into blood smears on the floor. The pitiful nests in each chamber held some shiny objects amounting to a few coins of differing types.

At the end of the hall was a large chamber with two parts of the floor spiked open—traps found by another adventuring group. Perhaps even the one with Sharwyn and Talgen in it. There was another fountain at the far end of the room, and Clay found another inscription in Draconic reading “Naihuine” (Let there be death). When he said it aloud, a poison gas trap went off, leaving him choking and wheezing and feeling a little weak.

The only other way out of this room led to another larger room thick with the stench of rotting meat. There were several carcasses of smaller vermin and a few humanoid shaped bodies laying on top of a room covered in filth. As the group entered the room (read: sent Rak in first), they were ambushed by a few more dire rats. As they were fighting them off, another huge, feral, bloated rat charged out from under the pile of debris straight at Rak. It was bloody work in a cramped space by the door, but the group managed to finally slay the beasts.

Mixed among the vile nest was the body of one of Sharwyn’s group, the ranger Karakas. They reclaimed his things as well as some other treasure mindlessly gathered by the dire rats and went back to town for some more rest.



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