Trouble in the Silver Marches

More goblins

How come you can make-um snowballs in summertime?

The next room contained more goblin guards, alerted by the fight in the previous area. They were just getting ready to come help the javelin throwers when the party came into their room. The fight was short, with Rak doing most of the damage because he was just plain too hard for the guards to get around.

Still ignoring some doors and taking others, the party enters a long narrow east-west hallway. At the end of the corridor is a door. Approaching the door to listen, Clay feels the floor giving way beneath his foot and manages to spring out of the way before falling into the pit. The party skirts around the edge and enters the next room, which is a mess.

Mounted and stuffed heads adorned the walls, but the specimens were hardly impressive—cattle, rats, a few kobold heads. Broken cabinets and smashed tables covered the edges of the floor. A rusty spike was driven into the middle of the floor, holding a broken chain.

The party spied the small white dragon resting under a broken table across the room. As they spread to try and take it, Meepo rushed forward, crying out, “No hurt Calcryx!” The dragon, apparently deciding the goblins treated it better, moved towards Meepo and let loose with a small blast of freezing air, and Meepo, mighty Keeper of Dragons, was no more.

The party was having very little luck trying to subdue the enraged beast, and even less trying to actually hurt it. Gwen finally yelled out, “We’ll help you get rid of the kobolds! And get out of here!”

Calcryx paused in his attacks, curiosity piqued. “Yes?”

“Yes,” Clay agreed. The dragon’s eyes narrowed.

“I will help defeat Yusdrayl. After that, I leave. I cannot abide that creature thinking it owned me.”

Surprised by the little fellows arrogance, the group nevertheless agreed and came up with a plan involving Calcryx pretending Gwen had caught him in a sleep spell.



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