Trouble in the Silver Marches

Finishing off the Goblins

The final fight on the first level

After another night’s rest to replenish spells, the only things left on this level were the party and the goblins let to defend their turf.

The characters, having nowhere else to explore, turned their attentions back to the goblins’ territory. The rooms previously occupied by guards were silent and empty. Other rooms that were once occupied also stood empty. There seemed to be no sign of any goblins.

Then, in a hall lined with columns leading towards the chief’s chambers, the party encountered the last of the goblins. The chief had sent the rest of the tribe back to the Underdark to keep them safely out of the way, leaving several goblin guards, a couple of hobgoblin mercenaries to back them up, the chief, a hobgoblin himself, and his personal shaman. And one other creature that seemed to be a sickly tree sapling that moved on its own. Claw-like branches dripped a thick sap as it shambled forward to attack.

The battle was long, the hobgoblins were quite tough. The goblins went down under a color spray from Gwen. Rak managed to work on a hobgoblin and the chief, holding them off until Clay could get there and help him finish them off. In the end, the only thing left was the sapling, and it went down under the blades of the party.

The party looted the bodies and what was left of the goblins’ treasure. They found Talgen Hucrele’s ring on the chief’s finger, a sign that he had not made it through his first adventure and a good indicator that Sharwyn may not have either. They also found a well that led down to another level of the Sunken Citadel, and the answers to more mysteries.



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