Trouble in the Silver Marches

The End of Yusdrayl

The spellthief actually gets to steal spells!

The group decided to rest and heal as best they could, then they headed back to Yusdrayl’s throne room, letting the dragon walk until they were close. Gwen held Calcryx in her hands after casting mage armor on herself. Stopping before the guards, Gwen held out the tribe’s mascot and as Yusdrayl approached to take it, he leapt up and let loose with a burst of cold, taking out one of the guards.

Clay moved past the guards and headed for the kobold sorceress. Rak drew his sword and started laying down some smack. Clay managed to swipe Yusdrayl’s own mage armor, though it didn’t help him much, then he took her hypnotism spell. Gwen sent some magic missile’s at Yusdrayl, who sent her own back. Rak finished off the guards and then he and Clay together ganged up on the kobold leader and cut her down just in time for Gwen to yell, “Reinforcements!”

Calcryx, his revenge taken, flew away, leaving the party to their fates. Rak and Clay moved out from the throne room to meet the reinforcements in the hall. Clay used the stolen hypnotism spell and suggested that a second set of reinforcements was working with the goblins and trying to kill Yusdrayl, setting them on each other. Meanwhile, a sneaky third set of guards fired crossbows at Gwen, hurting her seriously, before Rak could go cut them down while Clay worked on the stragglers from the first set of reinforcements.

After the bloody battle, our heroes took several deep breaths and searched the throne room, looting Yusdrayl’s treasure and luckily finding some healing potions so they could stay on their feet. At this juncture it was decided that they would take the trip back to town for more rest and to give Gwen a chance to make some scrolls.



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